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Hey Doll, I'm Stella! Yes I am a robe, but my vibe screams Duster baby! That's right don't get too hung up on where I came from because where I'm going is more exciting. Rock me with jeans and a basic top because I need the attention on me. Need a pop of color, let your shoes do the talking. Dress me up or down either way heads will turn!
Condition| Good/ Used/ Sold As Is
Material| 100% Silk
Measurements| Top: Large
(L) 130 cm (W) 64 cm


*Tag size on vintage clothing may not match current clothing sizes. Items have been measured laying flat on a surface. To determine measurements to current clothing size compare the actual garment measurements to fit of your clothing pieces, not body .The tag inside the garment may not match the size listed due to measurements taken.

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